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Axel - 4 yr. old (Autocrat x Fabergé)
Owned by Jenny Zimmerman of TurnAbout Dressage, St. Paul, Minnesota.
Bred by Woodhaven Farms.

Avril (Autocrat x Fatal Attraction) 3 yrs. old
just started under saddle by owner Audrey Arntsen of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Congratulations! Bred by Crooked Creek Farm

Audition (Autocrat x Duett) pictured as a yearling.
Bred by Dr. Deborah Davenport of Lecompton, Kansas, U.S.A.

Alizée (Autocrat x Armony) Pictured as a yearling.
Bred & owned by Marie-Claire De Léan of St. Etienne de Lauzon, Quebec.

Adèle (by Autocrat x Armony).
Bred by Caroline Martin of Quebec. Photos by Josée Talbot.

Arco (Evita x Autocrat) 2 years old being started under saddle, bred by Crooked Creek Farm
Owner - Andrea Moody of Tampa, Florida who says,
"He is totally bomb proof. Loves kids and dogs! I am truly blessed."

Amira (by Autocrat x Genneva) Bred by Crooked Creek Farm

Admiral (by Autocrat x Fallon) Bred by Crooked Creek Farm
and sold to Kerry Marit of Cochrane, Alberta

Autumn (by Autocrat x Falice) Bred by Woodhaven Farms
and sold to Trish Rowe of Kamloops, B.C.

Apollo by Autocrat

Apollo – by Autocrat x Ferne
- Woodhaven Farms

Anya by Autocrat

Anya by Autocrat x Alice bred by Stonehill Farms

Photo - Linda Hazelwood

Anatasia by Autocrat

Anastasia by Autocrat x Spunsilk von Falko bred by Laberge Farms

Armani  by Autocrat

Armani by Autocrat x Amy bred by Bob and Liane Parker

Angelica by Autocrat

Angelica by Autocrat x Thepleasureismine xx bred by Nick Rempel

Aristocrat by Autocrat

Aristocrat by Autocrat x Fallon – Crooked Creek Farm

Athena by Autocrat

Athena by Autocrat x Frangelica - Crooked Creek Farm

Avalon by Autocrat

Avalon by Autocrat x Falice - Woodhaven Farms

Axel by Autocrat

Axel by Autocrat x Faberge - Woodhaven Farms

Air Time by Autocrat

Air Time by Autocrat x Kaumajet - Woodhaven Farms

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Autocrat - Pedigree - Performance - Offspring