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Autocrat Head Shot

Aalborg Acapulco Akzent II Absatz
Wespe Wedepunkt
St. Pr. Pilgergraefin
Dicki Dynamo Don Carlos
Elektra Endflug
St. Pr. Malvine Matcho AA Pancho II Nithard
Anisette III
Timab de Fondelyn Karikal IV
Mabri de fondelyn
St. Pr. Lioness Lombard Lugano II
St. Pr. Landsiegel
Hartzkunde Hannemann


Sire Line

Sire: AALBORG - Acapulco x Dynamo

The Hanoverian State stud stallion Aalborg died before his time at the young age of 14. Aalborg was an impressive stallion with expression and presence. He was a free mover with correct conformation and was always correctly engaged with energetic hindquarter movement. He had good rideablity and character and well above average jumping talent. He has five licensed sons & 47 stud book mares with 14 State Premium mares (an outstanding 30%). His bloodlines are a combination of the Abglanz line coming through Absatz, and the outstanding versatile D line noted for producing top jumpers and dressage horses.

Aalborg already has several internationally accomplished offspring that are competing at high levels in both dressage and jumping. Some of his offspring include:

Adonis: Hanoverian owned and ridden by Dr. Cesar Parra ; competing in the U.S. at FEI level dressage continues to win many classes at Intermediarre I and has been described by Dr. Parra as " beautiful, astonishing and topnotch”.

Aventino 16: ridden by Rainhard Nielsen competing Internationally at Prix St. Georges winning in classes with over 29 entries from 4 different countries.

Atoutprix: competing successfully Internationally with his rider Marie-line Wettstein from Sweden at Intermediarre I dressage against some of the world’s top horses and riders including More Magic (Coby van Baalen), Gestion Junior STV, (Anky van Grunsven).

Adonis by Aalborg Akzent II

Adonis by Aalborg

Akzent I

Acapulco descends from the famous Absatz line through Akzent II. Absatz, is one of the few sires who had an enormous impact on Hanoverian breeding after the Second World War. He endowed his foals with light, free action, superb conformation and an unparalleled disposition, which made them extremely easy to train. In this way, he gave the modern Hanoverian characteristics and incomparable 'Absatz type’ from which this breed still profits in the second and third generation even today. Akzent II was a very well known son of Absatz and can be found in the pedigrees of many of today’s top stallions and performance horses. Akzent II was regarded as one of the best producers of rideablity in modern day horse breeding. He has frequently made the news by his presentation of sensational stallion sons and expensive auction horses. He is also the dam's sire of stallions, De Niro and Dimension, and the esteemed sires Gralshueter, Carismo, Welton, Trend, Pik Labionics, World Man G, Grannus As and Gracieux. Acapulco was considered Akzent II ‘s best son and this bloodline is known for its versatility in sport including producing top hunters. He passes outstanding limb conformation and his offspring have very good rideability and outstanding temperament. Acapulco is considered a sire who maintains quality. Other strengths are trot and canter. As of 2001 he produced 22 States Premium daughters and numerous dressage horses who are successful in upper level dressage. His most well known children in the show ring are Aurelius and Albuquerque. Acapulco offspring are in general of calm temperament and pleasant to work with. Acapulco is also the dam sire of the German Young Horse Champion 4 yr old, Wahajama (Warkant x Acapulco) ridden by Holga Finken.

Dynamo is considered one of Hannover’s best jumper producers and is the sire of Dollar Girl, ridden by Thomas Fuchs and Nick Skelton. She became a legend in International Show jumping even before winning the World Cup in 1995. Donna Carara, Domspatz, as well as 126 further successful offspring made Dynamo a winning sum millionaire. Dynamo descends from the famous Dollart line through Don Carlos. Dollart’s great grandson, Diskus sired the world famous U.S. jumper “The Natural”. Dollart’s grandson, Dominik, sired Don Carlos, on of the best known producers of jumping horses in Hanover. In addition to Dynamo, Don Carlos also sired the stallions Don Juan, who consistently produces good jumping horses and Drosselklang II, a very good jumper and Hanoverian Stallion of the Year in 2001. The Don Carlos group is remarkable because you find horses of good modern type conformation with very old bloodlines with hardly any Thoroughbred influence.

Dollar Girl by Dynamo Matcho AA Marcuzzi

Dollar Girl by Dynamo

Matcho AA

Marcuzzi (Matcho x Lombard)


Dam Line

Dam: St. Pr. MALVINE – Matcho AA x Lombard

Matcho AA - The award winning State Premium mare Malvine is by the highly regarded and extremely popular State Stud Stallion Matcho AA. This incredibly beautiful stallion is sought after for his riding horse qualities. His offspring are all very good in temperament and rideablity, with good gaits, and sometimes show jumping talent. He can be found in the pedigree of many of today’s top performance horses and is much sought after as a dam sire. Matcho's outstanding record of quality includes 46 licensed sons, 64 States Premium Mares and 215 Main Studbook Mares. One of Matcho’s son’s with similar bloodlines to Autocrat’s dam line is the black approved Hanoverian stallion Marcuzzi (pictured above). This Matcho/Lombard son is a Grade A showjumper in Europe.

Lombard – The States premium mare Lioness is the mother of Malvine. Her sire Lombard, descends from the Hanoverian L line derived from the great thoroughbred Der Löwe xx, the sire of Lugano I and II. Lugano II is known as dressage producer, however Lugano II's best son, the black Lombard (1969), also made his mark in a big way as a sire of show jumpers. Lombard is the sire of The State Stud, Lanthan known for producing versatile modern performance horses. He is the dam sire of Carol Lavell's Olympic medal winning mount “Gifted” as well as many, many others.

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